Thanks for visiting my site and having an interest in i’m Tidy, let me tell you how it all started.

Borne out of the frustration of time spent untangling cables and the desire to have something useful to prototype on my new 3D printer, I started to develop a cable winder. It started off just as something I was making for myself, but as I got into my 10th round of prototyping everyone I showed wanted one and I was using mine every day. I began to think I had a product worth sharing.


Through using the prototypes, I discovered some other useful applications.  Playing music nowadays does not necessarily mean docking and recharging the phone, blue-tooth speakers are more popular, so I have found myself short on battery life more often. By incorporating a vertical clip to hold the lightening cable adapter (with clearance to accommodate covers) the i’m Tidy became a handy dock. By simply adding color it allows me to identify my charger, avoiding the dreaded charger cord mix-up, which is common in the office, shared houses or couple’s bedrooms.

I’m excited about the product I’ve developed and would love to be able to share it with everyone, in order to do so I will need some help, so I created a kickstarter project to see if I can make this product a reality.

How does i’m Tidy work

Press your adapter into i’m Tidy

Wrap cable

Secure cable into the grippers

Insert USB ready to use

Dock your device